These guided meditations take you on a journey home to yourself! They offer a sacred moment in time for healing and growth! 
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"Rose has a gift for designing the perfect setting for a beautiful guided meditation. Each meditation is different and unique. Her voice, intoxicating and mesmerizing, will take the listener on an almost magical journey to the desired destination."
Breath of LifeRose
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Letting GoRose
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"The meditations take me from high active energy, to a calm, quiet, peaceful energy. They allow me to follow a journey that leads me to create connections and healing. They bring a feeling of warmth and love. It is always a beautiful experience."
"I love these meditations.
They give me a space to breathe and connect with myself. They give me clarity on some issues I might be struggling with. Rose's voice is    soothing which allows for the meditation to take me to a place    where my creativity  pours forth."
Bone StrengtheningRose
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Before I Die......Rose
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"I have participated in Rose’s guided meditations for several months. I come away with a renewed feeling of connection to myself, a clearer, less cluttered sense of my way forward. 
She is truly gifted as a facilitator to bring people in alignment with their own  inner being through love."
Heart WisdomRose
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"I always feel so relaxed and inspired after Rose's meditations. The topics Rose weaves into each one have always been poignant and timely. It is so worthwhile to take a journey with Rose, as she pilots us to deeper depths of understanding, compassion, and of course, Love!"

 Offerings of Love

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