Excerpt from Only Love Remains
Rose reading an excerpt from Only Love Remains- Healing our Relationships
"Wow! Rose. This is a powerful story."
"This story is transformative, showing me ways to be free, to love myself and others."
"Rose, reading your story is so raw, real and honest, allowing me to be honest with myself."
"I appreciate your courage to be an example of my own vulnerability and journey to only love remains."
"Only Love Remains is a remarkable story of healing."
"This story offers the opportunity to heal the past, letting it go in loving ways."


Healing our Relationships

 Only Love Remains takes you on a journey of deep healing, restoration and love.

This is the story of mine and my father's journey during his last year and a half of life, as I made the commitment to focus on the man he was rather than the father he was unable to be.

Bringing a depth of love to myself, my father and all of my relationships, by allowing love to lead the way.

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